Books, Games, & Apparel Featuring Children Of Color

Seldom do we come across someone or something that matches our fly to the 'T'. This right here though...This is love!  We all have a soft spot for the kids, especially when they aren't ours haha.  Heres a project that we love and support (and you should too), Characters of Color.

Characters of Color is a series of books and games for children of color.  The focus is providing our youth with images of self love and affirmation do to lack of representation of people of color in children's literature and games, especially because it is a key point in development.  Much respect to the Queen behind the project, Howard University Ph. D. candidate Amirah Heath.

Must say this has revived a project for our children of color that we've been thinking of for a while.  Thanks for the reminder and inspiration Amirah Heath.  Look out for some apparel for our youth coming soon ;-)

Support this Queen in reaching her GoFundMe goal of $2,920 to bring these books to life for our youth.


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